Just Engaged?

Are you contemplating whether you need a Wedding Planner?

This eBook will help you in making the all-important decision on whether or not you need a Wedding Planner to assist with your Wedding.



What you will find in this book...


The uniqueness of an African/Caribbean Wedding. That's right, a lot of people don't realise this... but if you're of African or Caribbean descent, then it's more than likely that the wedding process for you will be completely different from the western counterparts.



African & Caribbean Weddings. Understanding the dynamic of an African & Caribbean Wedding and what you can expect.



Understanding what a Wedding Planner does. Let's be honest, it's quite difficult to put your finger on what a Wedding Planner actually does that will demand their price tags. 



African & Caribbean Wedding Planner. So we have Wedding Planners and then we have African & Caribbean Wedding Planner, understanding the difference.