Black Weddings at its finest!



We are a wedding company that specialises in Black Weddings in the UK. We offer a wide range of services to assist our Bride & Groom in managing their memorable celebrations.

"We are dedicated to greatness through providing quality services with professionalism and excellent customer service." 

We strongly believe in excellence and that we should never compromise on our standard no matter the situation which is why we are selective with the work we take on.

Turn your vision
into a reality


I’m not one to give reviews, but when I say this wedding was the most well organised, smooth running, love filled, top notch wedding I’ve been to, I say it with my whole chest! Absolutely amazing. When I’m looking to get married I whole heartedly will be using S&B. I want to have that same level of lit-ness and by my experience, that looks like it’ll be guaranteed. I would recommend their services for sure!


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